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Plaid Layoffs and beyond

Last week, Plaid announced laying off 20% of its workforce (260 people). Today I signed my termination agreement, which makes this week my last week as part of Plaid’s infrastructure team.

An unsigned contract
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Moving forward

While being laid off and having to leave a very talented team is never a happy moment, I have decided to use the time ahead of me as an opportunity to focus on personal growth and figure out were I want my career to go next. I will not be seeking new full-time employment immediately.

First, I want to get back into actually building things by myself. My programming skills and technology knowledge has immensely increased since I left college. Since then, I have not had the time and energy to get into serious side projects. I intend to use the next few months to fix that, although I am not sure exactly what form my new projects will take.

Second, I need some time to explore infrastructure tooling outside of kubernetes. I enjoy working with kubernetes, but I am also starting to suspect that we are close to the peak of the hype cycle. If that’s the case, having a career focused on k8s might become as attractive as being an Enterprise JavaBeans expert. To avoid that, I intend to seek out “what’s new” in the infrastructure space and explore new technologies.

While I’m talking about diversifying my skill portfolio, I also intend to explore subjects that are way outside of my comfort zone, mainly regarding communication. I think effective communication is an essential skill to anyone working in tech, which is currently my weak point. To fix that, I will try to inform myself about writing and visual communication techniques. I intend to practice by writing and talking more about what I do. And while I’m at it, I might try to finish learning dutch.

So with all that, expect more activity on this blog in the next few months. I will do my best to talk about the projects I’m creating, the technologies I’m trying and everything I discover along the way.